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We are still as busy as ever, packing each month full with a slew of artists keeping us on our toes and working our creative spirits. We’ve been working with several new bands this month and continuing ongoing projects with various other artists. Read all about the many projects in this newsletter.

Now to dispense with the bad news: due to popular demand (of our services) we are raising our rates to $40 an hour. We really hate to raise them but we can’t afford not to with all of the business we’ve been getting lately. Anybody who has already been scheduling with us will be locked in at their current rate, but all new projects will be $40 an hour or $360 for a 10 hour day. Now hopefully we’ll be able to work less and have more time to count our enormous pile of moo-lah! (That last part was a joke.)

On the upside though, Christmas is coming soon, and what better way to celebrate than getting the gift of Cow Bucks! Let your friends and family who want to support your music kick in by purchasing gift certificates from The Cow for recording time. Available on our website store or by phone via credit card, check or cash.


We are now the proud new owners of the brand spankin’ new Sonar 3 Producer edition. This Cakewalk recording product is by far the best version to date with lots of improvements. We now have confidence recording (we can see the wave file draw during recording), easier to read monitoring, continuous audio playback (no more pauses while adding effects, peeling audio, etc) and a bunch more goodies that most people probably don’t care about. In general, the new software rules and will make your recording session go a little bit smoother.


Into Oblivion laid down some tracks for their debut album. Into Oblivion plays rock music with a punk/metal edge to it. Hailing all the way from Hammond, IN, are Alan Bridgman (guitar), Modesto Garza (guitar/vocals), Mike Schmidt (bass) and Caitlyn Verduzco (drums). Find out more about the band at www.intooblivion.net

Christian MetalCore band Acid Dime 7 recorded their EP with us recently. Acid Dime 7 predominantly uses the classic thrash metal style to get their Christian message to the masses. Find out more about this Chicago-based band at www.geocities.com/aciddime7

Also hailing from the local Christian rock scene is Michael John, who has begun work on his album. Michael has toured with Jars of Clay but is now working on his own original songs. Once Michael’s album is pressed, he will have it available at local Best Buys and Christian bookstores. In the meantime, you can see him every Sunday from 9:00am to 2:00pm directing music at Lord Of Life Church.

Cesar Corral is currently working on a solo project. Cesar’s music is as pleasantly familiar as a comfy old favorite sweater, mixing pop characteristics with rock and the occasional dollop of acoustic emo. Look for his new release this winter (which is the perfect time of year to get bundled up in this toasty batch of tunes).

The Detours are working on their EP due out soon. The Detours perform mostly from a veritable potpourri of cover songs ranging from “The Middle” (Jimmy Eat World) to “Brickhouse” (The Commodores) but make sure to throw in some originals as well. Coming from Brookfield, IL, are Dave Brooks (vocals/guitar), Jim Bromberek (guitar), Tom Scmak (percussion), Michael Griffin (bass/vocals) and Paul Kramer (keys/vocals). Visit their website for more info at www.thedetours.com

Old school metal band Killing Season is back in the studio mixing some new songs. Killing Season recorded with us in the past, and, with the release of their self-titled EP last year, is now working on some fresh hard rockin’ songs with new vocal talent. These boys play BOTH kinds of music: Heavy and Metal! Find out more about their new songs at www.killingseason.com coming soon

Country singer Shannon Clark was back in the studio recording vocals for her brand new songs. Shannon has recently started writing her own songs with the help of her husband, her brother and (of course!) The Cow. Keep your ears peeled and your eyes to the ground for her in the future.

Gary Landess returned to the studio to record another song, his follow-up to the southern-fried stomper “Back Porch Boogie”. Doing guitar, drums/percussion, and vocals all himself, Gary has managed to record another great rock song, this time featuring a bluesy riff in the service of an unsettling yet satisfying combination of ZZ Top and Rob Zombie.

Annie Waugh has brought back the talents of Mike Acquaviva to perform keyboards and vocals on her new album due out soon. Annie’s music blends blues with pop and gospel with folk to create a unique style in the Christian market. Find out more about Annie at www.anniewaugh.com.

Blaked has (at long last) finished recording their debut album. Their more spacey mellow stylings meld flawlessly with their adrenalized rock climaxes. Find out more about their release at www.blakedmusic.com.

Tub Ring was back in the studio to record a new bunch of songs before embarking on a 40-date tour with Mindless Self-Indulgence. Tub Ring has been recording a few songs at a time in between tours, and this latest bunch, at least in our humble opinion, will be the five songs that make their fortune. Tub Ring plans to have their album done in early 2004, so visit their website www.tubring.com to find out more.

For more information on any of these artists, contact us at news@callthecow.com


Q: What’s a cow’s favorite moosical note?
A: Beef-flat!

Submitted by STigmuTha, hear his music at http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=8998&T=114479

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