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This has felt like a long month but we finally made it through. We worked with so many bands this month; a lot of tracking, a lot of mixing and a lot of finalizing. October looks like it will match last month’s mayhem with a full calendar and several new bands.

We’ve been saving our pennies lately and it’s finally paid off. We bought a new set of speakers and some new mics which we are very excited to be using, and they sound fantastic.


We finally have a new set of monitors for the control room, the ProAc Tablette 2000 Signature series recently imported from England. These speakers are extremely well crafted to give the best sound and to cover a large frequency span while still being compact. The ProAcs will be great for mastering to give us a truer sound and make the mixes sound even cleaner. Expect to see these speakers for your next project and hear the difference.

We also purchased some brand new drum mics: the standard AKG drum pack with 5 mics. This includes the D112 (the football-looking mic for the kik drum), 3 C418’s (the clip-on mics for the toms or horns) and a C419 (similar to the C418 but longer with an extended low end). These new mics will not only allow us more options for drum sounds but will be good replacements for those old decapitated mics from renegade drummers.


The Commercial Music Institute collaborated with Bill Beach (former keyboardist for Chicago bluesmen Studebaker John and the Hawks) on recording two songs to use as a birth announcement for Beach’s new daughter. The two songs were composed by Beach and arranged by CMI, one song in a jazz style and the other classical. CMI brought in DePaul music students and alumni to perform the two pieces. To find out more about the Commercial Music Institute which offers affordable classes about music business, visit their website www.cmipromusic.com.

The No Tell Nothing (formerly Oedipus and the Mamas Boys) recorded several songs with us in September. The band keeps their music upbeat by blending the sounds of punk with Nirvana, making a distinct sound for the area. New York-based drummer Andrew Arno and bassist Ian Hayford joined with Oedipus founders and Illinois natives Mike Medek (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Wood (guitar). The No Tell Nothing will be embarking to New York to play during October.

Solo musician Gary Landess recorded his new tune, “Back Porch Boogie”, recently. Gary is practically a one-man-band playing both guitar and drums for his rockin’ song. Greg Boerner has also been helping Gary with guitar and bass on the track making it an operation with a very large sound.

Latin Rock singer Ivana d’Arc has recently finished her album with us. Ivana has been nominated for a Latin Grammy and in 2001 was in regular rotation on MTV Espanol. Ivana plans to match her previous success with her new alt rock album which will be released soon. Find out more about Ivana d’Arc on her website, coming soon to www.ivanadarc.net.

Annie Waugh is continuing work on her album, “Rivers in the Desert”. Annie has brought in percussionist Andy Wahl to add to the previously recorded songs done with guitarist Greg Boerner. Annie has been performing a lot recently, opening for Australian speaker Matthew Kelly, and has had requests to perform internationally. Find out what Annie’s all about at www.anniewaugh.com.

Blaked has been continuing work on their album due out by the holidays. Keep updated at their website www.blakedmusic.com.

Mixing for Tub Ring has continued here at The Cow. Tub Ring recently submitted a cover of “Kool Thing” for a Sonic Youth tribute album. Chris Shern from The Stash? helped with vocals and James Robinson-Parran added a jazzerific piano solo to the song. Tub Ring plans to be in to record another batch of songs in October before launching another tour with Mindless Self Indulgence. Find out more about Tub Ring and where they’re playing at www.tubring.com.

West of 47, Black Tie Affair, Marty Wylder and Silent Fighting all finished their projects at the Cow. Check out news about Marty Wylder at www.martywylder.com and check out Silent Fighting at www.geocities.com/silentfighting.

For more information on these artists, contact us at news@callthecow.com


A cat was sitting on a fence looking at a cow. The cat said “Mew,” the cow said “Moo.” The cat replied “Whatever...”

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