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I hate to repeat myself lately, but we’ve had yet another banner month, pulling in more business than ever before. We’ve been working with a lot of fun bands with great music; starting a couple new projects and finishing a lot of others. Our July printed newsletter was sent out recently with a feature article about creating press kits, so if you did not receive one and would like to, send your snailmail address to news@callthecow.com.

A couple of recent proud moments for our Cow customers: Tub Ring was interviewed on Q101’s Local Show, where they played several songs that were recorded and produced here....Longtime Cow favorites A.D.D. got their song “Blind” featured in the credits for the movie “Fairies,” which will be submitted to both the Sundance and Cannes film festivals later this year. “Blind” was recorded and produced at The Cow a few years ago while we were still just but a calf....And 13-year-old Courtney Jurick won 1st place in her regional division of the Colgate Hoedown and will be advancing to the nationals, where she will compete by singing and playing guitar for her original song, “I Knew”.


Hard rock band Shadow Bane is recording their EP with us. This quintet skates between power pop nuggets and spacey spoken-word slowies. Aside from writing some great radio-friendly tunes, Shadow Bane is accepting suggestions for a new name; send submissions to us and we’ll pass it along. Members coming from close to home (Boulder Hill) include Randy Koplin (guitar), Paul Jankuski (drums), Brad Berro (vocals) and Joe Cothard (guitar).

Father Pete Jankowski is working on a herd of children’s Christmas songs here at the Cow. Fr. Pete currently has one song being published and is recording more songs (which The Cow is providing arrangements for) to hopefully be published as well in time for Christmas music selections for 2004.

Jam band Stone Samadhi had us master their live album, which was recorded at their House of Blues show earlier this year. The band takes the intricacies of jazz and funk, then plays around with those genres’ expectations with an emphasis on instrumentalization. Find out more about them at www.stonesamadhi.com.

Annie Waugh is continuing work on her upcoming album “Rivers in the Desert.” Expect to hear more about it’s release at the end of the summer, but in the meantime, read about her debut album at www.anniewaugh.com.

Punk band Wrong Turn from Oak Park will be finishing their EP very soon. Find out more about them at www.wrongturn.net.

Another jam band, Apt from LaGrange, is working on their first full length disc, which will be done soon.

West of 47 is continuing recording their album with us, recently laying down lead guitar and vocals here. All songs were written by guitarists/vocalists/keyboardists Jordan and Joel Hix (yes, there is a relation to the music store).

Reggae band Suckerpunk is putting the finishing touches on their EP and should be releasing it soon.

Country vocalist Shannon Clark is currently working on arrangements for her first song writing endeavor.

And lastly, Tub Ring tracked four more songs at the Cow during July. One song is a cover of “Kool Thing,” to be released on an upcoming Sonic Youth tribute album. Tub Ring has also recorded several other songs here that will also be released on various compilation albums coming soon. Read more about Tub Ring at www.tubring.com.

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