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We’ve had yet another extremely busy month at The Cow. We’ve been recording a lot of great bands with some great music, and working as much as we humanly can (which is a lot more than we originally thought!).

Cow recording artists Tub Ring placed 3rd in a voting fight to play at Lollapalooza and will have their song "Invalid" featured on a comp CD coming out soon. Continue voting for them in round 2 at www.streetfight.net.

Now a quick side note: we have been so busy lately that scheduling is getting to be a bit difficult. Just as a warning to those of you planning to start new projects, try to book as soon as possible so we can make sure that we can accommodate your schedule.


Ivana d’Arc and her band is in the process of recording a Latin rock album at The Cow. Originating from Argentina, Ivana has been nominated for a Latin Grammy, has won several other music awards (including best female rock vocalist for the Ritmo Awards) and has had her music video “Esperandote” in regular rotation on MTV Espanol. Ivana is currently recording her new album with us and plans to make another music video as well as have international distribution. She is currently the Chicago publisher for Rock Clandestino, the largest Latin Rock magazine in the US.

Coming all the way from St. Paul, Minnesota, HooHah spent a week recording some songs and collaborating with Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia on a pair of new tunes, tentatively titled "Campaign Costs" and "Karen had a Leica". HooHah plays guitar and sings, combining Tom Waits-esque vocals with spacey jazz guitars and Jon Spencer-style rockabilly freakouts. You can check out his music at www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=4896&T=168826.

Marty Wylder ended our month by recording songs for his full-length. Marty recorded 6 songs with usadding to his own previous recordings to make up his album. The songs use dense vocal harmonies, a polished guitar technique, and a unique sense orchestration which includes brass, piano and (occasionally) accordian. Find out more at www.martywylder.com.

Annie Waugh is continuing work on her album, “Rivers in the Desert”. She is working a lot lately with producer/guitarist/singer Greg Boerner on her most recent batch of songs. Look for information about the release coming soon, or check back on her website www.anniewaugh.com.

Rock band Blaked recorded their last set of songs for their long-awaited, epic-length debut album. Blaked is based out of DeKalb and consists of Rob Deshazer (guitar/vocals), Jeremy "Iron Drummer" Eisenberg (drums) and Aaron Gudmunson (bass). Check out their website www.blakedmusic.com.

Hardcore Screamo band Silent Fighting came into the studio to record their song “Kerosene”. Silent Fighting is based out of Algonquin and includes Greg Mackiewicz (guitar/vocals), Drew Parks (guitar), Danny Ossman (bass) and Matt Sebastian (drums). Check out their music at www.geocities.com/silentfighting.

Country singer/songwriter Scott Eversoll recorded a demo version of an acoustic song this last month that he plans to shop around. The self-penned ballad, "She's Still in Love With You", will be sent out to several interested parties in Nashville, most notably country legend George Jones.

We have been diligently mixing for Black Tie Affair, formerly known as Shadow Bane. This quartet blends hard rock songs with a pop aesthetic and is based out of our own beloved Boulder Hill.

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