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News for Music Licensing NEWS

We're doing final touchups for the audio to the 11 episode webseries HR the series. HR comissioned Apocalypse Cow to provide music for the series as well as some audio mixing duties. It's great when a job can include comedy, puppets and aliens all at the same time!

Soon we'll be unveiling a new product at Apocalypse Cow. Keep in touch to get details.

MAY 2011
We've begun work on the score to a new documentary series by NCTV17. Naperville's North Central College is celebrating it's 150th year and commemorating it by producing a mini-series chronicling the history of the college through the decades. The first episode is due out mid-May.

MARCH 2011
Apocalypse Cow was interviewed by the library Music Supervisor. Join us as we discuss where the name Apocalypse Cow even came from, inspiration for our song that got used in a Disney film, our take on personalities of different cities, animals, the future of music and more. The interview can be found on the Music Supervisor blog.

Our pop rock song Flashbulbs (performed by Courtney Jay) is used in Disney's film "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2", now out on DVD. And so the Disney Logo is now added to our placments.

year is looking to be a successful one for Apocalypse Cow. We have over 350 songs in our catalog now and have been working with a few libraries getting placements. Announcements of what specifically are coming soon.


We've added a couple new credits to our list. We've had some new placements on CBS's "Let's Make a Deal" and the Science channel's "Science of the Movies"

We've taken on an intern at Apocalypse Cow to help handle marketing, promotions, administration, website, etc. Joe Connor has been a huge help to us here and he's learning a ton as we exchange knowledge and time. We're happy to add him onto our team for the next semester.

MAY 2010
Our library has reached over 300 tracks. Along with this we've updated our placements list to include new stations such as Green Planet and National Geographic and shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras and Man Made.

APRIL 2010
Check out this commercial we did for E-Sign Solutions. Apocalypse Cow created the sound design and the music for this spot. Animation by Cosmic Control Media.

Not all composers are the same; Apocalypse Cow, songwriters who are different.

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