Apocalypse Cow Recording Studio - Chicago
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Here is all the contact information you need to get ahold of us for whatever reason. 

  • Request a Demo Reel
  • Request more available songs
  • Setup a licensing deal
  • Talk about custom projects
  • Discuss the importance of Space-Age Polymers
  • Call The Cow: (630) 897-9023

    : info@callthecow.com

    Snail Mail
    20 Pomeroy Rd.
    Montgomery, IL 60538, USA

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    NEW! Live Support - Want to talk to us now but don't want to call? Just talk to us via Instant Messenger. Our Live ID is CallTheCow or type in the email address CallTheCow@hotmail.com. We only use the hotmail account for IM so do not e-mail us at that account, instead email us at info@callthecow.com. Again, if we're in a session or not here we won't be able to write, but many times we are available so drop us a line.


    Not all composers are the same; Apocalypse Cow, songwriters that are different.

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    To contact Apocalypse Cow Productions - info@callthecow.com - 630-897-9023