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Links for Music Licensing LINKS and CREDITS

Places Cow music has been played

Style Network/E! Enterntainment
The History Channel
National Geographic Explorer
Planet Green
Discovery Channel
The Travel Channel
Science Channel
Women's Entertainment

Sirius Radio
XM Radio
CMT (Country Music Television)
Super Stations across the USA

Television Shows
Let's Make a Deal
Science of the Movies
Little People
Toddlers and Tiaras
Parental Control
Renovation Nation
Man Made
Samantha Who
Cities of the Underground
Ace of Cakes
Rock the Cradle
American Idol: Rewind
Dr. 90210
Clean House Comes Clean
Aftermath with William Shatner
Property Ladder
My First Home
Running of the Brides
Can you Duet
Beach Patrol: Honolulu
Jump City: Seattle
When I Was 17
Is it True

Lassie's Pet Vet

Your Average Zombies Podcast

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
According to Dom
The Fixer
Dead of Night
Proceed and Be Bold
Scorpion Bowl
Diabolical Tales III

A Role of Their Own
Two Brothers, One Beer and the American Dream

Naperville Television 17
- Scored several documentaries
Film Pharm - scored a couple documentaries
Ford Motor Company and Ogilvy & Mather

Robotic Amusements - Arcade Game
Joue Joue - "Tots Rock" exercise video
Sunbeam/First Alert
Mountain Dew
Tub Ring - produced the charting album "Zoo Hypothesis"

Other places you can license music by Apocalypse Cow

Crucial Music
Music Supervisor
Music Dealers

and a whole bunch more

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