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Here is a smathering of the songs in our catalog. Most are available for immediate licensing. New songs are added regularly. All songs can be edited for length or made into instrumentals. Contact us if you are interested in any of these songs, would like to hear more, or would like custom music written.



NEW UPLOADS Updated 4-18-12

Spitting Teeth and Swearing Payback
+ Instrumental


White Collar Black Heart


Satin in Sunlight


Abandoned Beach


Let Me Give You a Push


Surf the City Lights


Pushing Fluids


Crime Scene Part 1


Pushed too Far


Happy Pills


Hit the Road Jack - Rock in the Shoe Remix


The Croupier's Big Beat



Current Genres Include: quick jump by genre
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Children's
  • Christmas/Holiday
  • Civic-Minded
  • Country
  • Covers
  • CSI Style Electronica
  • Dreampop
  • Dubstep
  • Electronica
  • Exotica/Island
  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Indie Rock
  • Instrumental Themes
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • New Age
  • New Wave/80's
  • Oldies
  • Orchestral
  • Pop
  • Psychobilly
  • Punk
  • Quirky
  • Rock
  • Score/Cinematic
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Spazzcore
  • World/Ethnic

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    QUIRKY Playlist for Quirky Songs available to license


    A Good Sign Polka
    Beyond the Dark Tent A somewhat eerie carnival song
    Boards and Blankets
    Boards and Blankets - Reduced
    Fun, upbeat vocalizations like The Beach Boys and Don't Worry Be Happy
    Demon Rum Dissonant Waltz invoking evil
    I Used Science Short fun piece invoking robots
    Ironing with Beer pt. 1 Easy slow piece with beer bottles as melody
    Ironing with Beer pt. 2 Easy slow piece with beer bottles as melody - Variation
    Klept-o-matic I - Presenting a Button Shimmery Grand Entrance
    Klept-o-matic II - Walking the Button Line Quick Gradual Stepping
    Klept-o-matic III - Desperate Buttonwives Bubbly
    Klept-o-matic IV - Strolling Button Luxurious Ride
    Klept-o-matic V - Seeking a Button Dancing around
    Love Surrounds You Fun, bouncy, light, female bop bops
    Marvelous Myopia Fun bassoon quartet with bells (no whistles)
    Merry Monsters Scary dark bassoons and bells
    Mylar Boots Theremin and tele in an old west duel
    Piccolo Polka Fun short bassoon, horn and piccolo
    Soft Cheese Short happy bubble electronica
    Silly Sidwalking Goofy with slide whistle, Esquivel
    Watch out Mister Frog 80's Video Game electronica
    Who are You to J'Accuse Me? Fun cartoon Zooms
    Work: We All Have To Quirky lighthearted retro with strings and clarinet
    ROCK Playlist for Rock Songs available to license


    Al-Rasheed Acoustic Driven Power Pop
    Brown Corduroy 70's guitar rock, upbeat groovy

    Come Home
    Come Home - Instrumental

    The infinite build
    Crawling on All Fours + Instrumental Godsmack, Aggressive, heavy, propulsive
    Easy Haul Low Key Instrumental Rock
    Everything I've Ever Loved is Dead + Inst Swamp Blues Rock
    Everything New is Old Again Beta Lips
    Fade to Blonde Heavy Neo New Wave
    Hot Dawg Modern dark surf guitar groove
    Hooligan Chic Fun positive sounding instrumental
    (How Come My Life Aint't Nothing Like It's) As Seen on TV? African inspired pop rock, Township Jive
    Indie Cred Jet Stooge
    Inshallah (instrumental) Hard ERocktronica
    Kick It Bouncy feel good and driving guitar rock
    Kickback Shock Neo New Wave
    Light Craving Nu-Gaze building with intensity, emotional
    Play Ball Bouncy feel good and driving guitar rock
    Psychotropical Shores
    Psychotropical Shores (instrumental)
    Foo Rock with intelligent lyrics
    She's Dead Ramones, Clash upbeat punk rock
    Shinguard Bouncy yet driving guitar rock

    Skybox Lights

    Uptempo moving guitar rock, high energy


    Driving sports rock, great for football clips
    The Summer Fashions Modest Killers
    Tampa Trip Smash Ray Instrumental Upbeat
    There Against the Wall + Instrumental Hard Rock Nickelback
    Today I've Got it Figured Out Material Friends
    What Is the Purpose of Your Visit
    + instrumental
    Collective Dolls
    We're From Boulder Hill

    Feel good lush indie rock

    Yeah Yeah Yeah Upbeat, fun, gritty, groove a la the Black Keys

    You Don't Care About Us

    Post grunge about a breakup in the style of Hinder, Seether, Nickelback, Daughtry
    Zinka 1986

    80's Guitar Instrumental


    Dream Pop Play all New Wave and 80's style music


    Abandoned Beach

    Underscore with an M83 chillwave feel
    Crying On the Bus Nu-Gaze, swirling, building, emotional, dynamic
    Come Home
    Come Home Instrumental
    The infinite build

    The Feeling Stirs In Your Chest

    Electro Acoustic, propulsive, feel good, bright
    Growing Up In Paradise Life is good.
    If You Only Knew Easy-going, smile on your face, positivity.
    In The Artic Rising with anticipation, building with intensity
    Light Craving Nu-Gaze building with intensity, emotional

    Surf the City Lights

    Blippy, retro, indie, positive and hopeful

    The Soft Expansion Of Warmth
    The Soft Expansion Of Warmth Short Version

    Building to a climax, feel good post rock/nu-gaze
    This Summer Will Last Forever Positive feel - synth and guitar leads

    Together We Are Strong

    Hopeful, stand together and look to the future


    Intense journey

    Warm Inside, Blizzard Outside

    Lush and building synth soundscape. Style of M83

    The Water's Surface

    Hopeful in the style of M83, hints of dubstep


    Summer in Sweden

    Fun feel good song with catchy synth hook

    Teen Beat

    Uptempo dirty synth, live drums, fun

    This Isn't Love
    + Instrumental

    Noisy guitar rock a la The Jesus and Mary Chain
    Female vocals


    NEW WAVE/80's Play all New Wave and 80's style music

    Cop's Eyes + Instrumental Mid-80's New Wave Noir
    Do the Prefab + Instrumental Fun poppy song with retro stylings
    I Can Tell You're In Love Big Music
    McFly Cuffs (Instrumental) Rock New Wave
    Screw Em All New Wave gets Bungled
    Shannon at the Dog 'N' Suds "Cars" Rock
    Zinka 1986

    80's Guitar Instrumental

    POP Playlist for Pop Tunes for Artists
    Don't Whisper
    Don't Whisper Instrumental
    Electronic Pop, dance and grungy, Miley Cyrus
    Feel Better Teen Pop Female
    Flashbulbs (lead synth)
    Flashbulbs (reduced)
    Girl Teen Pop about being famous
    Pop Rock with guitars
    I'm Gonna Suggestive lyrics, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha style
    Making it Up as We Go Along Pop male vocals, having a fun time
    Pinstriped Stockings Instrumental Lady Gaga and Ke$ha
    Pickup Artist in Zurich Instrumental Justin Timberlake Electro-House

    Ticket to My Happiness
    + Reduced Vocals + Instrumental

    60 second female vocals. Short, cute and catchy with ukulele

    + Instrumental

    Female vocals with piano, organ and bells
    COUNTRY Playlist for Country Songs to publish
    Romantic Comedy New Country Female
    Spare Me the Details Country Western
    The Wrong Side of the Bed New Country Female
    ALT COUNTRY/AMERICANA Playlist for Alternative Country Songs available to license
    Butcher's Bill
    Butcher's Bill Instrumental
    Acoustic Rock about PTSD
    Her Khaki Scarf Sentimental, mellow and sad acoustic with vocals
    Lights Go Down Easy Going Americana Ballad
    Mustang Energetic Americana with guitar slide intro
    On a Night Like This Alt Country
    Johnny Cash's First Words to St. Peter Cash Tribute
    Why There's So Much Crime Rockabilly
    INSTRUMENTAL THEMES Play All Instrumental Theme Songs to use for television
    50 MPH Manicure Jangly new wave retro with modern distorted beat
    Attic Memories Reflecting on old times, Hallmark TV grandmother
    Autumn Remembered Ethereal melancholy guitar waltz doused in reverb
    Best Laid Plans Synth underbed in the style of Manhunter
    Birdhouses 30 sec of inspiring and hopeful textures
    Blindfold Electronica
    Buyout Waltz Slow somber reflectful waltz
    Christmas at the Paramount Lighthearted, upbeat full band shuffle
    Christmas Thyme Acoustic tender start, build to full rock
    The Croupier's Cufflinks
    + The Croupier's Big Beat (remix)
    Big Band, spy swing old James Bond

    Crying on the Bus

    Nu-Gaze, swirling, building, emotional, dynamic
    Dangerfalls Electronica and Strings adrenaline
    Fight Song Old time High School Fight Song
    Fight the Update Industrial Rocktronica, grit
    Fistano Engineers Calliope, circus
    Flying Horses Calliope, circus, energetic
    Generator Swirl , Chocolate, Vanilla Upbeat Acoustronica
    Gnarls Buttony
    + reduced
    Bubbly sounds with rock guitar, 60 seconds

    Good Feeling - 60 sec

    Guitar based feel good song
    Hi Octane Hillbillys on the Moon Psychotic, human flesh makes your hands jitter

    The House on the Hill

    Orchestral Hybrid, emotional tension and release

    I Alone Have Lived to Tell the Tale Sole survivor of the horror movie at exhaustion
    I Used Science Upbeat Robot Science
    In the Artic Rising anticipation, building with intensity
    Inshallah Hard ERocktronica
    + reduced 1
    + reduced 2
    + variation 1
    Upbeat and fun acoustic guitar piece. Think big pharma ads of happy people running on the beach
    King Me Guitar Rock
    Let's Turn Around
    Let's Turn Around - 30 Sec
    Let's Turn Around -15 Sec
    Haunted and creepy bells with violin solo
    Lightning in a Specimen Jar Fun very uptempo with claps and acoustic guitar
    Longing for You
    +60 second
    +30 second
    Bittersweet, tender sadness with piano and strings
    Look at the Snow Forward movement and inspirational
    Love Surrounds You Bouncy, fun, light, female Bop bops
    Meeting With Birds Hopeful, pressing forward, piano/strings
    Memoirs also available Reduced version Upbeat reflectful, inspiring

    Merry Monsters

    Dark, spooky, Halloween vibe with bassoon

    The Men with Holy Fingers
    + reduced

    Reggae Vibe 60 seconds

    The Modern Town

    Playing cards, grooving horns and a retro feel
    Moving Staircases Powerful and tense, the journey to the top
    Muholland Drive, What a View Upbeat Rock
    Mutex Electronica
    Mylar Boots Ennio Theremin
    Mule That Took My Leg Grungy groove
    Next Year in the Wholly And Industrial/Dark Electronic
    Nigerian Prisoner (instrumental) Feel Good Rock
    Nightcrawler Dark, gloomy, emotional
    Nightwatch: It Begins Accordian and Piano Dark German waltz
    Nightwatch: Piano Variations German dark waltz on piano
    Nightwatch: Full Accompaniment German Bar Buddies singing to the waltz, Tom Waits style
    Nightwatch: Bring it Down a Notch Lighter yet still ominous waltz
    No Handles on the Back Doors Dark surf, bass groove with spacey/spy guitar
    Orion Piano and guitar, looking back
    Pintura En Sus Ojos Emotional ethnic violin w/ electronica
    Pool Hall Gritty Acoustic Guitar Duet
    Poppers Fun, lighthearted, rhythmic, guitar, percussion
    Plum in the Library with a Knife The Devil meets a Ninja...creepy
    Printer's Zen Groove with printmaking beats
    Red Robin and Blueberry Calliope, circus
    Snow on the Beach
    +60 second
    +30 second
    Marimba and vibes in a meandering mood
    Social Engineering 60's spy vibe like tv shows Mad Men and Hustle
    The Soft Expansion of Warmth
    30 Second
    60 Second
    Building to a climax, feel good post rock/nu-gaze
    Space Madness Tense disconcerted electro and horns
    Sunset Mesas in the Rearview Mirror A midtempo Southwestern, ghostly and pensive guitar piece

    Surfin' on Coffins Scat
    + Instrumental

    Swampy high energy zombie rockabilly
    Suspended Imagination Jangly electric guitar pop, driving and upbeat
    Swatch Me Girls Just Wanna Have Swatches - Retro 60 sec.
    Sweet Colored Sugar Circus Calliope
    Tipping the Scales Electronica
    Twang Thang Fun, upbeat bluegrass vibe
    Uke in a Bottle Ukulele does reggae groove
    Waking up in Kiddieland Magical, touching, heartwarming
    Warm Inside Blizzard Outside Lush and building synth soudscape. Style of M83

    Whispering Leaves

    Gentle strings, hopeful and reflectful
    Who Are You to J'Accuse Me?
    + reduced
    + 60 second
    3rd Esquivel from the Sun
    ORCHESTRAL Play All orchestral pieces using acoustic instruments
    19th Century Love Affair Romantic
    A Hero's Work is Done Short, triumphant and reflectful
    Asleep in a Carseat Lullaby with movement
    Awaiting the Groom Hopeful, easy going steady pressure
    Battle Hymn of the Republic Flute, Trumpet, Drums
    The Bride Awaits Lusher Easy Going Steady Motion
    Bunnies Rule Everything Around Us Inspiring
    Chet's Theme: Orchestral Variation Jazzy orchestral with strings and flute
    The Champions of Torino Inspirational
    Chinchilla Stalking The Dust Ball Dramatic Mournful and a bit sneaky
    Death of the Elder Somber/Reflectful
    Dreams of Home German Folk meets orchestral cinematic and hopeful
    The Experiments of Dr. Dolphin Looming and triumphant evilness
    The Fellowship of the Geese Soaring journeys
    Frankenpigeon Awakes Elfman dark beginning to hopeful end
    Friendly Fishes Flying from Finland First Class Light start build to Fanfare
    Gopher's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick Very Anxious and bittersweet
    Graceful Ironing Easy going and lush
    The Hampsters Organize Industrious and upbeat
    The Hampsters Organize (with Union Hamster) With Samples of Mario Savio
    Hippochondriac Sad lonesome
    Home to Mom Short and Sweet and lovely
    Lazy River Lighthearted Waltz
    Lilacs and Lilypads Woodwind Quintet, pastoral flight
    Lunch on the River Sweet and Lovely Violin and Harp
    Mansion of the Ghost Cat Tense sparse
    My Darling Gold Rush Hopeful Clementine Variations
    Parakeets Day of Freedom Invokes fun and positivity
    Pastoral Land Looking out over the expanse
    Raccoon with the Remote Fun light upbeat
    Reaching for Home Sweeping and Thoughtful
    The Road to Success Hopeful and shimmery German
    Scavenger Hunt Squirrel Champion Triumphant and striving for success
    Side of the Road Gentle beginning goes sweeping
    Sob Story Wistful
    Stage Curtain Grandiose Silver Screen theme
    Stately Stroll Grand Slow pastoral
    The Triumphant March Home Grand and building with piano
    Tis the Last Rose of Summer Mid 19th century flute and piano
    Turtles Regret After a Reckless Night Melancholy cries
    Walking the Path to Success Building motion, hopeful theme
    When the Role is Called up Yonder Church Organ Hymnal
    SCORE/CINEMATIC Playlist for score and cinematic music for film

    Also Sprach Zarathustra

    Strauss' classic piece as popularized in 2001 Space Odyssey

    The Back Alley

    Heavy Synth Soundscape

    Black Stitching

    Low key sounds, effects, creepy

    Don't Look in the Box

    Alien Invasion similar to the movie Signs

    Let me Give you a Push

    Mancini and the Pink Panther creep around

    Lose Him in the Crowd

    Intense Battlestar Gallactica

    Lunch Date with the Hero

    Badlands/Orff reflectful and grand


    Dark, ambient, atmospheric, heavy


    Hopeful, energetic


    Sinister feel, uneasy, tense, but positive end

    Pretenders, Contenders & Dark Horses

    Uplifting Orchestral Pop


    Forward movement, propulsive

    Rise to the End

    Short triumphant build

    Satin in Sunlight

    Low key underscore, some light tension

    The Scare

    Very sparse beginning to extremely frantic at the end

    Some Side Effects May Occur

    Sad, lonely piece, reminiscent of rx commercial

    Superhero Odyssey + variation

    2001: A Space Odyssey meets Superman Theme

    Suspense Becomes You

    Out of this world segues/cues/stingers

    Sweaty Palms

    Tense orchestral strings with a James Bond feel

    Tailights Fade

    Moody Tribal Michael Mann

    Underworld Storm

    Tense modern
    Velvet Room Orchestral Anthem

    Video News Releases
    + reduced

    Electronica evolving rhythms with open up of strings half way through

    & What Rough Beast

    Orchestral Soundscape

    What the Man in the Fez Sez
    Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams
    The Gears in his Head

    Variations on Manhunter/Shriekback/Phil Collins/The Prime Movers with a modern bend. Each one progressively mellows out.

    You Are Mine

    80's style moody and mysterious with synths

    You Can't Beat Fun

    Presentation theme for awards

    CSI-STYLE TRIP HOP ELECTROPICAPlaylist for electronica and CSI music

    Angioplasty Pensive and Mysterious
    Arson Plus Percussive Upbeat Dub
    Baylesian Filter Techno Aggressive
    Brinkmanship Dub Downtempo
    Carmen Miranda Rights Dub Aggressive Slower
    Castoff Moody and Mysterious
    Center Mass Anxious Trip Hop
    Challenge/Response Downtempo
    Command Prompt Chill Breakbeat
    Crooked Souls Dub Upbeat
    Curtain Call Trip Hop Excited
    Dub Ya Dub Reggae
    Fair Play for Cuba Piano-driven Moody Dub
    Glass Key Foreboding Heist
    Halt Tape Trip Hop Groove
    He is Counted Trancy Melody Driven
    Hungarian Notation Chill Midtempo
    Killer App Midtempo Chill
    Lindbergh Law Fast Chase Music
    Mass Transit Blue Dreamy Surf Chill
    Medium Density Fiberboard Chill Thoughtful
    Nightmare Town Tense Trip Hop
    Page Left Intentionally Blank IDM Hammer Chase
    Proscenium Arch Trip Hop Groove
    Proximmetry Trance Heist Music
    Rebar Rehab Industrial Sneaking
    Red Harvest Ennio and Jack Bauer Heist
    Service Entrance Tricky Industrial Bebop
    Short Ride in a Pop Machine Goodtime Montage
    Son of Sam Law Trip Hop Contemplative
    Stretch Dance Beat
    Superuser Driving Midtempo Electropica
    SysAdmin Dark Sneak RZA Reggae
    Tailights Fade Moody Tribal Electronica
    Ten Card Sexy Trance
    The Well-Tempered Glass Mysterious Reverby eRocktropica
    They're Dragging the Lake Industrial and Edgy
    Throwness Sunny Brassy Reggae
    Zigzags of Treachery Foreboding Alias Dub

    ELECTRONICA Playlist for electronica and CSI music

    Augustin at the Laundromat Trip Hop
    Chasing the Train Industrial grooved loop
    Dancing on the Holodeck Upbeat fun trance
    Devil in the Details Heavy E-Rocktronica
    Did Those Colors Leave With You Portishead Female
    Entranced Hypnotic trance
    From Head to Toe Electronica sampling with raw tones

    Happy Pills

    Happy Hardcore a la Scooter
    Hotel Room Stripper music, dark + brooding fidget elements
    Jogging with Glo-Sticks Goodtime energetic trance
    Look Beyond Chill easy going like Massive Attack
    The Match Rocktronica, propulsive gritty groove
    Pickup Artist in Zurich Electro-House instrumental, dance pop beats
    Primavera Nu-Jazz Remix Dance remix of old gypsy jazz song

    Sell It (with Vocal Bridge)
    Sell It (Reduced Vocal)
    Sell It (Pure Instrumental)

    Electro-Dubstep groove with life changing affirmations
    Social Engineering in Zurich Justin Timberlake meets Mad Men 60's vibe
    The New Romantics Downtempo Percussive
    There's Just Me Short clean synths
    Under Cover Jumper Building intensity groove
    You Are Here Guitar Electronica  




    Anthemic, lush beginning leading to talking bass. In the style of Skrillex

    + Instrumental

    Adds some dreampop feel, bounces between epic synths and grimey blips

    I am the Monster
    + Instrumental

    Grit against round blips. "You are the toy" Metal dubstep

    Pushed too Far

    3 minutes of raunchy drop dubstep

    Pushing Fluids

    Highly textured Skrillex, Bassnectar, Zomboy

    Spitting Teeth & Swearing Payback
    + Instrumental

    Rumbly dubstep textures over smooth tones. Starts with vocal samples

    Sucker Punch

    Aggressive electronic groove a la DeadMau5

    White Collar Black Heart

    Dark, mysterious, moody. Sophisticated chillstep
    GUITAR-ACOUSTIC/NYLON Play Acoustic Guitar Songs to license


    Duet with a period feel of the 1920's
    Django Summer Gypsy Swing, easy going 
    It Resonates Within Laid back strumming guitar, reflectful
    Primavera Gypsy Acoustic Guitar with almost a Spanish flair
    Restless Evening Short anxious
    Riding the Model T Home Laid Back Django Guitar
    LATIN Play Latin Songs to license

    Behind The Curtain
    Behind the Curtain - Guitar only

    Flamenco guitars complete with stomps, claps and castanets.
    High Heels Short Salsa breakdown
    Long Legs Salsa dance rhythms
    HARD ROCK Play Hard Rock Songs to license
    Crawling on All Fours + instrumental Godsmack, aggressive, heavy propulsive
    I Could Be So Much More POD
    Killer Crow Heavy, dark, brooding instrumental
    Steamed Windows Heavy, melodic rock a la Rob Zombie, Disturbed
    There Against the Wall + instrumental Nickleback
    Two Coins for the Boatman Korn MudVayne
    PUNK Playlist for Punk Rock Songs

    As Seen on TV +

    Pop punk about living up to what's on TV


    Old school meets new punk instrumental + upbeat
    Generation Resignation
    + instrumental
    Clash 182
    Guilty Anyway
    + instrumental
    Sex Pistols style about a robbery gone bad
    Level Back Upon the Throttle Irish punk rock a la Dropkick Murphy about dock workers
    Sometimes Life Lesson Suck
    + instrumental
    Fall Out Day
    Tube Top Street Race
    + Reduced Vocals
    + Instrumental
    Rat Fink fronts a pyschobilly band
    ThePinkSkullsTHE PINK SKULLS
    Mega Monster Madness
    A collection of punk songs about monster movies  top

    My Little Graveshift Baby

    Trying to pickup a vampire

    Hey Serena

    There's a place for things like you
    Lucifer in a Lampshade Stream of conciousness talking in a tiki bar
    Call Me Frank Lighthearted from Frankenstein's perspective
    The Monster Mash The Pink Skulls take on the popular song
    Vampire Girl Love song to a vampire
    Zombie Kiss Getting up close to your beloved zombie

    Undead Girl

    What happens when dating a zombie

    Bela Lugosi's Dead

    Cover of Bauhaus' epic song

    Burned at the Stake

    Rule the world with your witch
    She's Dead When zombies bite a loved one
    On Halloween A tribute to Halloween and monsters
    Will You Be My Vampire Bride Passionate love song
    Hi Octane Hillbillys on the Moon Psychotic, human flesh makes your hands jitter
    Tube Top Street Race
    + Reduced Vocals
    + Instrumental
    Rat Fink fronts a pyschobilly band

    Lucifer in a Lampshade

    50's spy movie rants about the devil
    CHILDREN'S Play All Childrens Songs for Kids
    Ted the Spider Silly Swing

    HIP HOP/RAP Play all urban songs to license



    Building groove, starts dark opens to glorious
    Speedial Rap party song
    Speedial (instrumental) Aggressive urban
    Up On The House Hop Christmas Hip Hop
    SPAZZCORE Playlist for Spazzcore and Crazy Rock Songs for fun
    The Interminable Cruelty of a Summer Job Bungle Boys
    NEW AGE Play all New Age Songs and Instrumentals
    Ambient Tangerine  Electronica with Sax
    Been Down So Long (Instrumental) Telecaster Blues

    Blues Hymn, + Instrumental Short
    + Chicago Style + Short with Button

    Alternate Buttons:
    Sparse, Walking Down, Down Home, Chicago Walking, Walking, Delta Walk, Chicago Band

    Gospel feel with just acoustic guitar and vocalisations

    Everything I've Ever Loved is Dead
    also Instrumental

    Swamp Rock Blues
    Not Gonna Give Up
    + Instrumental
    Blues/R&B a la Etta James, I'd Rather Go Blind

    Surfin' on Coffins Scat
    + Instrumental

    Swampy high energy zombie rockabilly
    Swagger Swamp/back porch blues, clanky, rattly, swampy

    That's the Price You Pay
    + Instrumental

    Slow burn blues with male vocals

    This Love

    Dark, blues with electric guitar riffs, male vocals
    Washed Our World Away Slow Blues Piano
    Chet's Theme: Solo Piano Piano Jazz with a nod to The Peanuts
    Dance for a Dollar

    Hollywood Big Band Swing

    David Bowie on Pontius Pilate Jazz Combo
    Golden Soul Trumpet Lead 
    Green Light Review Hollywood orchestral/swing, grand
    Requiem Lounge/Jazz
    Tip Jar on the Lid Lounge Piano Reflectful
    EXOTICA/LATIN/TIKI/ISLANDPlay all Funk masterpieces
    Breakers Bossa Nova groove laid back with forward motion
    Everyone Loses in the End - Duet Tiki-Lounge with Vocals
    -female vocal version
    -male vocal version

    Got it Made

    Feel good shuffle, meeting friends on the elevator
    Guardabarranco (instrumental) Tiki Island Lounge
    Hammocks Laid back island music

    Is Your Place Closer

    Lounge, spy, chill a la David Holmes
    Miami Pink
    Miami Pink - Electro
    Laid back vibe, moving melody. Electro version is more upbeat with a strong beat.
    Quiet Yet Not Quiet Village Exotica, tiki bachelor pad (with birds!)
    FUNKPlay all Funk masterpieces
    Funky Relish Generic funk like in a corporate video
    Jebedee Sierra James Brown style instrumental
    WORLD/ETHNIC Play all World Ethnic
    As They Lowered Him Down  Somber Bagpipe serenade
    OLDIES Play all World Ethnic

    50's Rocket
    + Button + Alt Button

    Down home electric guitar
    Cocoaberry Stomp
    Rock n' Roll a la "At the Hop", a new dance fad
    Dance on Through the Night
    + Instrumental
    50's rock and roll, a la Elvis and Buddy Holly


    Instrumental in the style of the Beatles


    Simple steady groove with lead piano

    Starry Eyed
    Slow ballad similar to Earth Angel

    Talk to Me
    + Instrumental

    Motown groove with male vocals

    West Grand Blvd.

    Instrumental, upbeat groove

    CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY Play All Christmas and Holiday Songs to license
    Auld Lang Syne Electro-Lounge
    Christmas at the Paramount Lighthearted, upbeat full band shuffle
    Christmas Thyme Acoustic tender start, build to full rock
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Electropica with string orchestra
    I Saw Three Ships Irish Flare
    Up On the House Hop Christmas Hop
    We Three Kings Acoustic Guitar Ensemble

    Bela Lugosi's Dead

    Cover of Bauhaus' epic song

    Crime Scene Part 1

    Noir version of the Afghan Whigs tune

    Hit the Road Jack

    Upbeat Acoustic Singer Songwriter of Percy Mayfield's song (popularized by Ray Charles)

    Hit the Road Jack - Rock in the Shoe Remix

    An electronic remix of the famous song done with a dubstep flair

    I Love the Life I Live
    + Instrumental

    Indie rock version a la the Hives, originally written by Willie Dixon

    The Monster Mash Punk rock take on the popular Halloween song
    CIVIC-MINDED SONGS Playlist for Civic-Minded and Protest Songs great for documentary videos about our political state of the country
    Al Rasheed Hotel Afghanistan
    Almsgiving in Secret Electropica/ Dub Pop
    Been Down So Long Unemployment &
    Butcher's Bill War In Iraq
    Coin Redemption Song 311 Hard Dub
    Friend of Labor Irish Punk Rock about Union Rights
    From a Litany in Midair 9/11
    Generation Resignation Voting
    Guardabarranco Island Music
    Hans Blix on His Birthday War In Iraq
    Inshalla (or) Gangsta Rap for the Victims of Afshar Hard ERocktronica
    Like We're All Forgiven (or) We Came, We Saw, We Conga'd 9/11 & Covert Actions
    Nigerian Prisoner Quirky AAA Spam Rock
    Running Gum Blues
    Afghanistan, CIA, hitman, prison life, etc.
    Sham Rock (or) How To Kill Children On Television & Still Get Re-Elected
    War In Iraq
    This Modern Town Retro feel about Katrina's recovery, New Orleans
    Talkin' Night of the Pencils Massacre Blues Woody Cash Protest
    Why There's So Much Crime Katrina & War In Iraq

    Not all composers are the same; Apocalypse Cow, songwriters who are different.

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