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Real Estate Podcasts - Sell your houses over the internet to tech savvy clients.

View examples of our podcast with the direct links below, on iTunes or an RSS reader. To learn more about what a podcast is visit our podcast information page.

Real Estate Podcasts
Packages Available Realty Nickel Tour Dime Tour Grand Tour
# of Pictures 15 20 25
Panoramic Scrolls   2 4
Music Yes Yes Yes
(with custom length edit)
Zoom and Pans   Yes
on Panoramics
Your Name at End Yes Yes Yes
Your Name at Beginning   Yes Yes
Your Logo at bottom of screen     Yes
Voiceover   Yes
Bullet point script
Paragraph form script
Web Hosting of file Yes Yes Yes
Feedburner Submission   Yes Yes
Total Cost $30 $50 $75

Examples of the different Real Estate Podcasts available (click on the link to download and view).

Nickel Tour - A virtual tour of the home set to music

Dime Tour
- Tour of the home with a voiceover mentioning the main talking points of the home and background music

Grand Tour
- Extensive tour of the home with panoramic pictures, zooms and pans on pictures, a voiceover script read in a conversational tone and coordinated with pictures on screen and background music fit to length.

Not all marketing is the same; Apocalypse Cow, podcasts that are different.

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