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Podcasts are a perfect way to keep your company fresh in the minds of your clients. By sending out a new podcast on a monthly or weekly basis directly to your clients’ inbox, they’re not only kept up to date on the latest developments at your company, but also see your company’s name in front of them on a regular basis.

Also, clients who subscribe to your podcast can be seen as being a much more likely buyer than the casual “walk-in” client. Podcast subscriptions act as an informal mailing list, making it much easier for you to separate & actively court more serious prospective buyers. Another advantage to creating podcasts is that it’s advertising in a truly global scale; it’s in a sense a more personalized version of a website which will allow you to meet buyers beyond the usual range of your every day experience. People who subscribe to podcasts are more likely to be interested in new possibilities, people on the cusp of new technologies, & that’s just the kind of clientele that tries out new products & services.

Podcasting is the 21st Century cross between magazine subscriptions & sitting down to watch your favorite TV show. There’s a very real sense of fun that comes from checking your inbox & seeing that a new podcast has arrived; it’s the same kind of giddiness you might feel when receiving a new issue of your favorite mag in the mail, but combined with the instant gratification of watching/hearing a new TV/Radio episode.

Podcasts allow your voice or image to become synonymous with the service you provide for your client. By subscribing to your podcast, your clients will feel far more invested in your company than if they simply took home a brochure, & it shines a light on you as an expert in your field. After viewing your podcast for a time, your clients will grow to see that your knowledge & experience is large, which in turn will make them more likely to trust in your services down the road. Many listeners first subscribe to a podcast in order to learn more about a given subject, but if your podcast is entertaining & keeps their interest, they’ll eventually equate your personality with the subject they're learning about, making you the obvious go-to company for them later on.

Not all marketing is the same; Apocalypse Cow, podcasts that are different.

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