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Curious about what music we produce sounds like? You can either write or call us for a free Sampler CD, or you can hear a few examples of our work by following the links. We always have to give our quality caveat and say, "We recommend you request a CD instead of listening to songs online because we feel the streaming/mp3 quality of songs on the internet do not accurately represent the full quality available on a CD." Now with that out of the way, please enjoy and ask any questions you may have.

Recorded/Produced bands - Here you will find examples of bands we have recorded. Some bands/artists spent years perfecting their album and got the full Cow treatment, other bands did a whirlwind album-in-a-day-recording.

Ground-up production projects - These are examples of songs we have done the full production and writing for. These artists came in with a vocal line and some basic ideas. Then we gave them the full Cow works to finish up the songs.

Broadcast ready/Licensing - If you are interested in licensing songs fully written by Apocalypse Cow, you will find examples of our work here. There are examples of songs currently available for licensing. We also write music to fit specific projects, such as soundtracks or commercials.

Not all bands are the same; Apocalypse Cow, a recording studio that's different.
To contact Apocalypse Cow - info@callthecow.com - 630-897-9023