Apocalypse Cow's April Newsletter


We’re having another sale!  This time we’re trying something brand spankin’ new, a budget recording session for bands just looking to lay down something quick that still sounds good.  We’re calling it Mayday Mayhem since we’ll be booking 4 full bands in just one weekend, May 1st/2nd.  The setup will remain in place and each band gets 4 hours to track 3 songs (or whichever comes first).  The songs get mixed later in the week and you have a shiny CD of your songs without the credit card debt.  Get the details about our Mayday Mahem sale and call or email now to book a slot since they're already filling up.  This is a one weekend event only, so make it happen!

Who's Been in the Recording Studio

Gloom Sprinkles finished up the tracking for their album.  It’s going to be a collection of fizzy, distorted, noisy and spacey tracks.  That perfect blend.


Wes Lee K of First Star Destiny is visiting the studio every once in a while to record backing tracks for his live solo gigs.  He was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune, read the article here http://www.triblocal.com/Wheaton/List_View/view.html?type=stories&action=detail&sub_id=153986


90’s rock cover band Flanl finished up their 6 song EP with us and is ready to load up on the summer gigs.  Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a cool time.   www.flanl.com.


Alison White is in the final stages of her solo project, mixing opera with pop and techno.  It’s been a great blend of pure classically trained vocals hitting right next to dance and rock music. 


Patmos put the finishing touches on their mixes and are out promoting their band.   



Youlanda Burnett of Maylay Entertainment is done with tracking for her album and they’re being mixed now.  www.youlanda.org


The Korrupt is also done with tracking of their album.  Next up will be mixing these 10 songs and getting a killer sounding album.  www.myspace.com/thekorrupt


And last, but not least, we at The Cow have had some television placements with the music we’ve written.  Some new placements include TLC’s Little People and Toddlers and Tiaras.  This is in addition to some of our regular placements on History Channel’s Cities of the Underworld and Style Network’s Clean House and Dr. 90210.


Recording Tip of the Month

During recording when you get to the end of your song remain quiet until the instruments fade out, especially during drum and acoustic guitar tracks.  Otherwise you’ll end up with random talking or squeaks at the ends of your songs or a really quick fade out that sounds unnatural.  (Unless of course you want that “hell yeah, that take was awesome!” at the end of your song). 


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