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Hi everyone and welcome to 2005, a chance for us all to examine our past and plan big for our future. It’s been a good year for us here at The Cow. An album we produced made it to #65 on the CMJ charts (Tub Ring’s “Zoo Hypothesis”), and we’ve bought a lot of great gear including a Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb, some nice tube mics, mic pre’s and several guitars and keyboards. Early in the year, we got Studio Cluck up and running, along with a mega-computer setup in the control room for tracking. Overall, not a bad year, and we’re expecting to accomplish bigger and better things for ’05.

We thought it would be fun to start taking polls every month with the newsletters. This month's poll you can vote for your favorite 3 albums of 2004. To take the poll go to the webpage for this newsletter. Tune in next month for the results.


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The computer in Studio Moo has been upgraded to a bigger (yet physically smaller), better (faster) and quieter (cooled with a radiator) machine. Admittedly this may not mean a lot to you, but it’s a great improvement for us.


The Ending has come back to the studio to record more songs to finish the long-awaited debut album. Coming from Champaign, IL, this rock act employs luscious harmonies, marching tenors and snares, lots of percussion, rock guitar riffs and oh-so-much more. Members include John Supple (bass and generally the most important member of the band), Louie Golden (vox), Dan Reem (guitar, vox), Pre (guitar), John Smokey (tenors, keys) and Doug Ford(drum kit). You can find out more about them soon at their website www.the-ending.com.

We are working on mixes for Emerging From Van Doors for their album “These Words Are Bullets.” You can check out this up-and-coming hardcore indie act at www.emergingfromvandoors.net.

Calebs has finished up their EP “Development,” which will be released soon. Be sure to keep your ears open for it and check out their website at www.calebsband.com.

Greg Boerner is still cranking out the tunes for his next album, tentatively titled “World so Blue.” Keep abreast of the release at www.gregboerner.com.

And Gary Landess is also still cranking out the tunes and getting them finished and out the door.

For more information on any of these artists, contact us at news@callthecow.com


A New York family bought a ranch out West where they intended to raise cattle. Friends visited and asked if the ranch had a name. "Well," said the would-be cattleman, "I wanted to name it the Bar-J. My wife favored Suzy-Q, one son like the Flying-W, and the other wanted the Lazy-Y. So we're calling it the Bar-J-Suzy-Q-Flying-W-Lazy-Y." "But where are all your cattle?" the friends asked. "None survived the branding."

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