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Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow's August Newsletter


The fall semester is here and so are a new group of interns at Apocalypse Cow. We're welcoming Joe Conner to help with marketing and Tim Hogan to help with tracking. So if you see either of them around the studio please say hi.  


For those of you wanting to sell more CD's and get more people to your live shows there's a great book we've been reading lately called Music Success in Nine Weeks by Ariel Hyatt.  This book goes through what to do and what not to do to promote yourself using social media. It also explains what is important to do and why it's important and lays out steps you can take to continue your success.  And every once in a while Ariel has blogging contests where you can win a 3 month PR campaign (the next contest starts October 11th).  All it takes is 9 weeks to get a foundation to make your music more profitable. 


And just a quick reminder about our fall sales.  During the month of September all solo artists can save 10% on their recording projects.  And during October if it's your first time coming to Apocalypse Cow you can save 10% (so $36/hour).  


Who's Been in the Recording Studio

One of The Cow's best and brightest Greg Boerner (pronounced "burner") is back in the studio starting the recording process for his third album with us (his fourth solo release).  It's been a few years and we're excited to have him back in.  The album is still in the developing stages but the initial plan is to go for a more stripped down feel on this album so it will feel closer to the sound of his live shows.  Greg tours the midwest with his singer songwriter style and his enthusiasm shines through his un-tameable foot and hands and his emotional lyrics.  You can buy his CD's and find out when he's playing at


Singer Courtney Jay came to Apocalypse Cow to record vocals on a couple of our own pop songs.  While she was here she also sang the National Anthem for an audition to sing at live stadiums.  Courtney has a voice that ranges from pop to country to opera.  You can find out more about her before she becomes a nationwide name at


Jazz Hooligans has officially finished their latest CD.  You can hear their five cover tunes on their website at


Wes Lee K of First Star Destiny is continuing to come in to record backing tracks for his solo live shows.  He has teamed up with Marklund and has been doing cross promotion shows where everyone benefits.  Find out more about his upcoming tour to Minnesota at


Rock band Audio Content is doing the final tweaks and edits for their full length before sending it off to get mastered.  This has been a long awaited album and will be well worth the wait.  The songs are full of guitar textures with huge soaring vocals that will make your heart race.


Gloom Sprinkles is just about done with their album "Dead Cool" as well.  Their debut CD has been years and years in the making, with enough fizzy and fuzzy guitars and spacey vocals to make even The Jesus and Mary Chain jealous.   Gloom Sprinkles will be released on Artichoke Records soon.


Punk rock band The Pink Skulls is creating more songs in the studio as well.  If the Ramones and The Clash are your cup of tea, The Pink Skulls will be too.  They are planning a Halloween themed album so let your vampire and zombie friends know.  


Recording Tip of the Month

"Watch your ears before your recording session.  I know we all like to rock hard and louder feels better and more energetic, but if you'll be recording the next day it's nice to be able to hear what you're recording so you can be sure you're happy with the tones your getting.  Don't feel like you have to turn your amps down when you play live, just put in some earplugs, there's many different varieties that will still block out sound without it sounding like you're listening through marshmallows."


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