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Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow's October Newsletter


The last month was full of solo artists here at Apocalypse Cow.  Lots of familiar faces from artists who've recorded with us in years past and a couple new faces as well.  It made for a fun month!


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Who's Been in the Recording Studio

Greg Boerner is making progress on his new album.  A lot of basic tracks are laid down and now we're seeing where the songs naturally want to go.  His songs range from fun upbeat acoustic guitar bangin' deals to intimate and emotional, straight from the heart songs.  Find out when and where he's playing at


Solo artist Scotti Montgomery came back to Apocalypse Cow to work on a new song.  In the past he worked on a Christmas song with us (Santa's Whispers).  This time he brought in a pop tune that could be done in many different styles, from pop to rock to electronica.


Jazz Hooligans has officially finished their latest CD.  You can hear their five cover tunes on their website at


Songwriter and lyricist Crystal Schultz brought a couple of her songs to Apocalypse Cow to record vocals and get the Cow treatment.  Crystal has been writing songs as long as she can remember and can't live without doing it.  The songs she brought here have an electronica/pop vibe to them with strong, emotional lyrics that she really conveys well through her voice.  Find out more about Crystal and here her other songs at


Independent filmmaker Thom Will from Staged Studios (creators of Your Average Zombies comedy troupe) has licensed our song "She's Dead" for their new web episodes "Smart Zombies".  As expected zombies play an integral part in the show.  You can keep up with the series at


Continuing the zombie theme Pink Skulls is in the final stages of their album due out by Halloween.  The album takes all you love about old monster movies and wraps it up in an old punk style.  

Recording Tip of the Month

"Plan what you're doing before you come in.  Know which songs you're planning to record, who plays what on which part at what time."


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