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Apocalypse Cow
Apocalypse Cow's May Newsletter


We just finished up our Mayday Mayhem weekend here at Apocalypse Cow.  It was great, 3 bands, 3 songs each, 2 days.  We kept the basic setup and it made everything go super fast.  There’s a good chance we’ll do this again so keep your eyes open for another opportunity like this.


For this month, rather than a sale, we’re literally giving away studio time.  The catch?  Just signup for our newsletter and you’ll get $20 worth of Cow Bucks.  Visit to find out more information (and if you already are signed up, check out the link anyways, I think you’ll be glad you did). 
Who's Been in the Recording Studio

Gary Landess recently had his song “You Have it in You” played at the Kansas City Royals stadium during a TAKE Defense ( training that he helps teach.   He also stopped by the studio this last month to lay down drums on a new tune of his as well as play guitar with EJ Hill (see below).


Singer/Songwriter EJ Hill came to The Cow along with his camera crew and put down some vocals for his song “Tomorrow.”  The song will be used in 20kfilm’s documentary about Sickle Cell and is a great anthem for the fighters of this disease.  Along with EJ’s singing is Gary Landess on guitar, Tom Reber on drums and The Cow’s own Chris Sorenson on bass.  


2 piece Steady Chaos came into the studio for Mayday Mayhem.  They play a fast rock with screaming vocals (literally).   It is hyper adrenaline at its best.


The 2nd Mayday Mayhem band, Bates Motel, recorded a few cover songs with powerful/soulful vocals.  Made up of a couple guitars, bass, drums and keys they get a good groove with their renditions.


Angry Laughter completed our Mayday Mayhem weekend with flair.  Their three songs had a mellower vibe with energetic vocals on top.  A 5 piece with 2 guitars, keys, bass and drums as well as a couple members doing vocals.  They are one of those groups that just gel together and are all on the same wavelength, one brain to rule them all! 


Wes Lee K of First Star Destiny is back in the studio recording some backing tracks for his live solo performances.  He’s constructing a variety of medleys to keep his fans coming back for more.  Hear his originals and more at


Cover band Jazz Hooligans is completing the tracking for their latest demo CD.  Now onto the mixing.


Rock band The Korrupt is done with tracking on their album as well.  Let the mixing process continue.

Recording Tip of the Month

“It’s about the space in between the notes.”  Rests make music exciting and build contrast.  It is the single best way to make the listener stop and listen.  You can pause, and then add your hook for a grand can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head effect.


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