Apocalypse Cow's March Newsletter


February was a busy month at Apocalypse Cow.  We recorded a bunch of brand new rock bands, arranged some songs for solo artists, narrowly escaped jury duty and kept warm with a lot of coffee.   


We have word of a couple opportunities to promote your band and music. 


First off check out this article featuring two Cow artists, The Future Burns and also Greg Boerner.  The author is looking for more music that you can drop off at local music shop Kiss the Sky in Geneva. 


Second opportunity is one of our clients is starting a tv show and looking for music videos.  They are looking for any genre as long as it’s clean.  You can contact them at theindiemusicvideoshow@gmail.com or find more info on our facebook page 

Who's Been in the Recording Studio

Rock band Subject to Change came to The Cow to record their album this month.  The band plays alternative rock and soft rock, ready to become the next big Lifehouse type band.  You can find out more about them at www.stocsound.com.


Patmos was in the studio this month as well recording an album of their rock tunes. They tend toward using a lot of textures in their music and have impactful female vocals.  Check out their website for more about Patmos www.myspace.com/patmosrockband 


90’s cover band Flanl recorded their 6 song demo with us this past month.  True to their name they wore flannel and rocked the grunge.  They cover the standard Nirvana and Pearl Jam hits like you’d expect but also dig deeper and play those songs that you’ve forgotten about until you hear it again and instantly are singing along.  You can find out when they’re playing and more at www.flanl.com


R&B singer Youlanda Burnett is working on completing her album soon.  She’s half through recording vocals and plans to finish the rest in March.  Youlanda has an incredibly smooth voice that delivers her lyrics that are straight from the heart.  Youlanda writes what’s personal to her and relates in a way that is personal for you as well.  Hear her voice at www.youlanda.org.


The Korrupt is in the final stages of tracking for their highly anticipated album.  Some songs should be complete soon and in the meantime you can check out the band at www.myspace.com/thekorrupt.


Country singer Kim Anthony has started working at Apocalypse Cow to finish his album.  He is recording vocals to some songs he had recorded in Nashville and will also be bringing in his band to record some new songs.  Before his album is even done his songs are being played on the radio, so he’s definitely someone to keep an ear out for.  You can find out more at www.reverbnation.com/kimanthony.


Rick Anselme of Gloom Sprinkles is mixing his album to be released on Artichoke Records.  He brought in Michael Heaton to play a little guitar and will bring in Tom Reber to lay down some drums.  Rick is an avid writer and it has been hard for him to narrow his album to just 15 songs (that was after it was hard for him to narrow it down to just 39 songs).  Tune in next month for the results of this mixing session.


Tommy Fish is having us do an arrangement of a punk rock song of his titled I Need You.  Tommy lives in Taiwan and his song is sung in Chinese.  Tommy is also an amazing flutist and street musician and his compositions have been played in Carnegie Hall.  He is taking the leap to pop music and having us put that American guitar rock sound to the song.  You can find out more about Tommy at www.tommy-fish.com


The final songs for Alison White are being completed.  The Popera stye songs are mixing modern pop with her classical vocal training for a great new blend of music.

Recording Tip of the Month

Memorize your lyrics for best results.  Bring in a written/typed copy as well to refer to if needed, but you’ll get a better, more passionate performance if you’re not worried about which line on the page you’re supposed to be looking at.


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