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Apocalypse Cow's June Newsletter


Summer is here and that means time for fun!  And what better way to have fun than to record!  Come in for a quick weekend project of a few songs or spend the summer perfecting an album.  


Are you on Facebook?  If so stop by and become a fan and join the conversations.  We talk about not only what's going on around here at The Cow but talk about music in general.  If you have an album release that you want to promote let us know and we'll promote it on our page too.

Who's Been in the Recording Studio

Punk rock band The Old Comiskeys rolled into the studio and laid down 5 songs to be released on a 7" (yes, a small vinyl record, not just a large CD).  In true punk style these guys are all about having fun and making fun songs.  Find out when they'll be playing and have fun with them too (but not in that sort of way) at their facebook page.


Dee Wilson has started his solo project with us.  He merges acoustic folk and soul to go with his intimate singing style.  He has started with simply acoustic guitar and voice and will be adding keys in the future and perhaps an entire band.  For this session he brought in vocalist Xoe Wise for a great duet.


Duo Eric and Blake recorded a song of theirs at The Cow.  Just drums and guitar for now, but still getting that strong massive song to be expected from metal.


Wes Lee K continues to record songs for his live backing tracks.  He is getting great responses from his audience who love his dance meets rock style.  Find out more about his band First Star Destiny at:  http://www.myspace.com/firststardestiny

Recording Tip of the Month

Because this month we seem to be all about fun, remember to have fun while recording.  You'll be focusing on getting the best take possible but don't get so caught up in nuances, then the music loses energy.  Believe it or not listeners will hear if you're having fun and that makes songs more infectious. 


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