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Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow's July Newsletter


This month we're celebrating Christmas in July!  Yes, July 24th and 25th it's Christmas here at The Cow.  Our present to you is that we'll be doing another weekend of budget recordings. The deal...5 hours tracking, 3 songs mixed and mastered all for only $250.  Get more details at

Who's Been in the Recording Studio

MIOBI (aka Make it or Break It) has started recording for their 5 song album.  The foundation is layed with the drums and bass, with guitar, vocals and screaming to come soon.  MIOBI plays rock music with heart, it's a mix of styles from alternative rock guitars, almost punk like vocals and hard screaming vocals as well all grooving together to make 5 great songs.  The band comes from Orland Park and you can find out more at


Solo artist Gary Landess is making stops in the studio to record more songs.  He's been writing some great new tunes  lately with a lot of heart.  He's really stretching himself both in songwriting and performance.  We're all looking forward to how his next album will unfold in the meantime check out his newly released Devil Hitchhiker at.


Wes Lee K is performing gig after gig and recording medley after medley for his band First Star Destiny.  His fans keep asking for him to perform again and Wes is enthusiastic to keep writing new material for them.


Cover band Jazz Hooligans has completed a set of songs, bringing their project nearer to  a close.  Their website is still in progress but will be up soon at


The Korrupt is in the mixing stage of their album.  They will undergo a name change soon so be aware to keep up with this great rock band.


Gloom Sprinkles is putting the finishing touches on their mixes.  Dirty, fizzy, noisy, spacey and heartfelt, all in the best way possible.


Punk rock band The Pink Skulls has been writing and recording songs at The Cow to be released as an album soon.  Going back to the days of The Clash and The Ramones they are infusing tons of raw energy and enthusiasm into their songs.  


Alison White is finding more and more songs to sing and have Apocalypse Cow arrange.  She recently did a version of the classic opera song O Mio Babbino Caro with a techno twist.  She also had DJ Rockstar do a remix of another song she did here, a cover of I Want You.  Her voice hits perfectly on these songs and is a great contrast to the beats going on underneath.


Recording Tip of the Month

Startle your listener.  It will make an impression when you write parts in your songs that are unexpected.  Go for that totally stark verse and crash into the chorus with all your might.  Or go ahead and put that doo wop inspired part in for the bridge.  That type of contrast will stick with your fans and make your songs that much more memorable.  Contrast makes the eye of the mind blink.


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