Apocalypse Cow's February Newsletter


Welcome to the new look of the Apocalypse Cow newsletter.  We’ve finally updated and are using an official newsletter program now so subscriptions will be much easier.  Please let us know if it is easier for all of you.  You'll also see a new section of our newsletter at the bottom which will have a recording tip every month. And of course please make sure news@callthecow.com is in your allowed address book.


The biggest news around here is that we’ve taken on a few helpers.  We had a bunch of great applicants and we had trouble narrowing it down.  So everyone please welcome to the Cow family Chris “Soro” Sorenson, Chris “Ceaside” Freund and Kyle Morrall.  They have already been helping and have been doing a wonderful job!  Everything from tracking to website upkeep and yes, even putting out this newsletter.  So, if you see them here, please thank them. 

Who's Been in the Recording Studio

Since it’s been a few months since our last newsletter I’ll give a general greatest hits roundup of who’s been in the studio lately.


Rock band The Korrupt has really been working hard on completing their album.  It’s a killer collection of 10 blow you to the wall tracks with thick guitars and effusive, soaring vocals.  You can find out more about them at www.myspace.com/thekorrupt

Stereo Strikes Back came back to The Cow a third time for their latest EP, Darker My Dear.   SSB takes its influences from 60’s rock bands but blends it with modern twists like the White Stripes.  The vocals are pure enthusiasm like you would expect from any 60’s crazed band.  Add organ and rock guitar for a truly awesome experience.  Check them out at www.myspace.com/stereostrikesback


The Acoustibobs were in to record some songs, both covers and originals.  The Bobs take a lot of their leads also from 60’s and 70’s rock covering some great songs, not just the hits.  Their originals sound just as good and fit seamlessly into their set.  The Bobs are all about fun and you can join in www.facebook.com/theacoustibobs.


Jeff Foltz of Jazz Hooligans has been coming in to work on his next album.  Doing some covers of standards such as Fly Me to Moon and modern songs like It’s All Been Done. 


Vocalist Alison White has been working with us to get songs to display her voice in the pop opera style.  We’ve been arranging songs that highlight her opera background but making the songs sound modern and something you would hear on the radio today. 


First Star Destiny has released their album “Something for Everyone.”  The hard work from Wes Lee K has finally come to fuition with a full album jam packed with secular rock songs, Christian ballads and everything in between.  Check them out at www.myspace.com/firststardestiny

Gary Landess also has had his album officially released, “Devil Hitchiker.”  The album leans toward more of his blues roots with a lot of resonator guitar and gritty, raw vocals.  It really is a ride with the devil.  You can buy Gary’s album at www.garylandess.com.

Recording Tip of the Month

If you're going to record to a click track (metronome) make sure you practice with a metronome before coming in to record and if possible figure out tempos beforehand.

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