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This just in... Apocalypse Cow is voted America's Favorite Recording Studio! Yes, that's right, we're America's favorite. After recording with us I think you'll agree!

Remember our sales for the rest of the summer (yes, I'm considering Setember summer since we got jipped of our hot weather for July and August).

  • September - Anyone who has not recorded with Apocalypse Cow before. Our new artists get to save some tall cash!

September is showing itself to be quite busy at The Cow, so book your time now.


Christian Rock group Enriched Affections has at long last started their project. Lead by Josh Huff and his band of brothers (plus a friend) this group spreads the good word and is hoping it will inspire others and serve as worship music to churches. The full album is packed with electric guitar, acoustic guitar and mandolin, a piano, drums and bass and soaring vocals complete with harmonies.

Tim Hannig from the Pro Kids Show came in to record songs for a couple albums. Tim is an entertainer and performs in schools and churches doing comedy, magic, music and more all about and for kids. Tim performs hundreds of shows a year and even performs at the White House (yes, that White House). This session is great fun for us at The Cow because we get to laugh along with his stories and learn some cool card tricks (you can't beat that). You can find out more about Tim at www.pkshow.com.

Curio, the solo project of Chris Pluska is nearing completion. Chris's music is a combination of New Orleans street music meets Haitian bordello, all with a Voodoun kind of feel. The band has been put together and Curio will be performing live shows soon with CD in hand ready to sell. He'll have a website soon where you can find out more.

Christian Rock band First Star Destiny (also known as Starway in the secular market) is putting the finishing touches on their long awaited debut album. As vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist Wes Kochan is leading the charge and making sure everything is perfect for the October release. You can find out more about First Star Destiny at www.myspace.com/FirstStarDestiny.

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Why it pays to be nice to the sound guy!

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