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Happy SUMMER!!!! -


We've decided to announce in advance our summer sale schedule so you can plan your recording projects accordingly around your summer vacations. Check out the full schedule on our sale page. A quick rundown includes:
  • June - Solo Artists
  • July - Return Musicians
  • August - Full bands
  • September - New to The Cow

The Jazz Hooligans are back at it again. They are recording more cover songs for their gig getting demos. The Jazz Hooligans is fronted by Jeff Foltz who plays guitar, drums and sings. The Jazz Hooligans play a mix of covers, a lot of jazz music (dull surprise) to 60's rock to current songs. Definitely a great variety of music all in one band.

We finished up mixing for Dave Rehfeldt's solo project. Just Dave singing with guitar and little percussion. A great sounding album that doesn't need the extra frills.

We're recording more of Youlanda Burnett from Maylay Entertainment. Youlanda has come in with more of her smooth vocals singing on her original R&B songs. She plans to keep doing a lot of recording in the next couple months to finish her album this summer so keep your ear out for her. In the meantime check her out at www.maylayent.com.

And last but not least Wes Kochan from Starway is finishing up some changes for his album. Making those last final tweaks to really bring the songs to his perfection. You can find out more about Starway at www.myspace.com/starwayrockband.

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