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Happy National Accordian Awareness Month! -


Hello loyal Cow readers. Once again, a lot to talk about. First off I want to apologize for our news email address being out of order recently. So if anyone has tried to write us at news@callthecow.com (or responded directly to this newsletter) please write again and it will go through this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We recently were interviewed on television. The fine folks at Naperville Community Television featured us on their Business Connection show for all to view. If you live in the Naperville area you can see us on channel 17 everyday at 7am, 12:30pm and 5:30 until June 11th. And for everyone else you can see us at www.nctv17.com. You'll get to see Dan and Theresa explain what exactly we can do at Apocalypse Cow while Jeffrey hides off camera in the NCTV control room.

Speaking of NCTV, the premiere showing of "A Role of Their Own" went over with an enthusiastic positive response. The Cow scored this Naperville documentary showcasing the accomplishments of seven Naperville women. It will be shown at various times throughout the summer and autumn on NCTV and a DVD will be available soon as well as hopefully a CD featuring the music we wrote for it. The DVD will also feature a short doc, "A Cow of Their Own" featuring the three of us at our studio rambling on endlessly.

Just a reminder about some of our regular deals around here to get you free studio time or cheaper rates. We've had a couple bands recently take advantage of our "Don't be a Stranger Deal." If you come back to record another project within six months of finishing your first one, you can get 10% off the entire project. So it's only $36/hour (or $324/day). You can save a lot if you're recording a lot! Also, if you get another band or artist to record with us (at least 10 hours) we'll give you two free hours of studio time for each band. So tell all your friends about us and record for free!

The newest version of the Bandcast is up and ready for your downloading pleasure . Go to our Podcast Page for more info and links. This month you'll get to hear more songs from Honey Glass, Paid Pilots, Gary Landess and Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia.

Now onto the bands!


Hardcore metal band Beneath Betrayal came in to record a quick three song demo. Beneath Betrayal pumps out tight guitars rhythms over smashing drums, topping it all off with growling vocals. It's some pretty heavy stuff that hits you where it counts. Beneath Betrayal has been playing tons of shows including a huge cancer benefit show recently and they've had a bunch of label interest. I won't jinx it and name any names, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for them. Members in the band are Dave (vox), Pete (drums), Brian (bass), Andrew (guitar), Ryan (guitar). Checkout www.myspace.com/BeneathBetrayalMetal

Honey Glass is putting the finishing touches on their album so it will be ready for release super soon. Their album sounds amazing and you can hear the time they spent on the songs in the studio. You can hear a couple of their songs on this month's podcast so be sure to check it out. In the meantime, go be their friends at the new website, www.myspace.com/honeyglass.

Paid Pilots was back in the studio to record six more songs to add to their previous three for one butt-kickin' album. The songs and the band have really grown since they were in a couple of month's ago. They're writing more parts and sprucing up the songs. Their album will really sound great when it's all put together. Find out more about Paid Pilots at www.myspace.com/PaidPilots.

Blynded is nearing completion on their album. This past month they laid down the vocals and have the songs ready to mix so their album will be ready soon. Keep your ears open for more from Blynded.

And solo artist Mike Mihalo is continuing his stint here at The Cow. He's cranking out songs faster than we can say, "Number One Single." You'll be hearing more from this songwriter in the months to come.

For more information on any of these artists, contact us at news@callthecow.com


Assassins - "You Will Changed Us"
Nellie McKay - "Pretty Little Head"
Mars Volta - "Amputechture"
John Alden Carpenter - "Krazy Kat"
Arcade Fire - "Funeral" & "Neon Bible"
The Nightwatchman - "One Man Revolution"
Robert Palmer - "Clues"
David Bowie - "Scary Monsters"
Heavens - "Patent Pending"
Sage Francis - "Human The Death Dance"
Bjork - "Volta"
Wired All Wrong - "Break Out The Battle Tapes"
Of Montreal - "Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer?"
Regurgitator - "MishMash"
Skinny Puppy - "Mythmaker"
Modest Mouse - "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank"
Amy Winehouse - "Back To Black"
Pop Will Eat Itself - "Cure for Sanity"


Q: Why do milking stools only have three legs?

A: Because the cow has the udder!

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