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Happy Summer! -


Here is the picture you've all been waiting for...There is still a lot of work left to be done but you get an idea as to the new improved ceiling spaciousness.

And because the construction is still going on, so is the sale! Through the end of August we will continue doing $35/hour or $315/10 hour day. But hurry up and book because August is filling up fast. For more information (and more pictures) check out our sale page.

We also have a special poll for everyone to fill out this month. It's for some friends of ours who will be opening up a new guitar store. So it would be great to get everyone's opinion on it, it will only take a minute of your time. Just follow this link to get there.


We can now officially rock out to the max with our new addition to the guitar family: a B.C. Rich Warlock (complete with coffin case of course). It has incredible action so you can really take your solos to the max. Great stuff!

And on the computer front we have a new audio card, the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, so we can build another computer dedicated solely to our Gigasampler and have fun with all the great, realistic sounds it gets for composing songs.


Hailing from Chicago Fair Herald came in to record an EP.

Altgeld Forgotten (emerging from the murky depths of Orefisaurus)

Bill Borland with the incredible deep radio voice working on a voice over demo

Logan Nolin, the next American Idol

Vital Kin finishing the mixes

Queenie working on more songs


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