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Welcome to yet another edition of the Apocalypse Cow Newsletter. We're keeping busy around here, finishing up projects and starting some new ones too. Read who all has been in further down the page.

We have a new poll up this month. It's always fun to hear what people are listening to, so the question is, "What's in your CD player?" Check out the homepage to cast your vote for your 3 albums you've been spinning.


We recently participated in a Tape Op/Pacific Pro Audio group buy and bought a pair of Ribbon Mics. These are the type of mics you would picture from 40's radio and they work completely differently than standard microphones today. They are going to be great for giving a different tone to everything from drum overheads to guitars.


We have started work on our first kid's exercise album. Shelly Tosh of joue joue is putting together an exercise video for toddlers called "Tots Rock!" She has written all the words and melodies and we are composing the music to fit behind it. Geared towards your average jumping 2 year old, the music is all very energetic, upbeat and involves lots of clapping, spinning and, of course, jumping. The video is expected to be done by the end of the year, so we'll keep you posted on its progress.

A Capella group Chateau Teafort came in for a day to record a whopping 2 disc set of songs. Chateau Teafort performs mostly for The Society for Creative Anachronisms. The trio writes all their own songs in a renaissance style and each member hails from different parts of the midwest, from St. Paul to Indianapolis. Chateau Teafort is comprised of George Reed, Drew Nicholson and Katherine Kibellus. You can find out more about their endeavors at www.fanucci.org.

Marlene McMahon of Ottawa came into the studio with a family song to record. She brought in Cow favorites Annie Waugh on vocals and Greg Boerner on guitar. "Sing to You" has a very nice mellow sound; was a song she had written for her aunt and had become popular in her family. Marlene plans to come back to record more songs she has written, so keep your ears open for more about her.

Soap has finished tracking for their second album. They are taking the tracks to Virginia to be mixed and mastered with their label Digitone Records. Soap is, specifically, a jam band, but they incorporate many different styles into their music. Check them out www.soaptheband.com.

Cow band Bluebottle has completed work for their album "Bet it All On Red." They brought it into Mastermind Productions for mastering and are expecting a release party in early August. Find out more about the band and their release at www.blue-bottle.net.

Greg Boerner is forging ahead on his album. He has a few songs mostly finished already and some more to work on and more to record. Greg is really pushing the boundaries in his folk-blues genre and will really turn heads with this newest album. Find out more about him at www.gregboerner.com.

Gary Landess is all but done with his album that he's spent close to 2 years working on. For the new songwriter and one-man-band, he's really worked up the songs nicely and has a great work of art for his effort. Gary has done everything on the album from performing the vocals, guitar, drums and percussion, to orchestrating synths, strings and samples. We'll let you know when this masterpiece is released.

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