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Happy Holidays! -


Welcome to yet another newsletter from Apocalypse Cow Productions. We've had a busy month here and are gearing up for another busy one.

And now the results from last month’s poll. The question was what genres of music do you listen to? (Check all that apply). Of the choices given and the results received we found that the average person listens to about 8 different genres. The most popular genre was Rock with 78% of you saying you listen to it. Coming in 2nd place was Jazz at 63% and 3rd place was Indie Rock at 47%.

This month’s poll is very appropriate for this holiday season. “What CD do you most want for Christmas (or Hanukah or etc.)?”

Be sure to check out our homepage to cast your votes!



We recently added to our collection the Line 6 Toneport UX2. This is a microphone/guitar preamp that plugs directly into the computer via USB cable. And in true Line 6 style it comes with oodles of oodles of models for guitars, effects, mic pres and yes, it even allows you to change the theoretical microphone placement on the guitar amps. It is all controlled by software that gives you the ability to do all your tweaks.


R&B group Onisty came to The Cow to record vocals for their song “Bring it on Back”. The trio had their producer in New York create the beats to their melody and lyrics, then the vocals were all recorded here. Inspired by Destiny’s Child Onisty blends lots of harmonies and even raps during sections. Keep your ears open for this brand new group.

Country songwriter Scott Eversoll came in to record a demo song to shop to artists. Scott has been a writer for many years and writes his songs on his acoustic guitar and sings in his deep country voice. Keep your eyes on the liner notes to hear more from him.

Richard and Sara Moss finished their Christmas album. Featuring acoustic guitar, flute and vocals the album is a nice collection of spiritual songs.

Greg Boerner
is in the final stages of his 3rd album “World So Blue”. Most recently he brought in a couple of session players for some finishing touches: Mark Ott on drums and percussion and Leon Dubose on Organ and backup vocals. Keep checking www.gregboerner.com to find out when the anticipated release date will be.

Gary Landess made a Christmas CD of his acoustic guitar versions of Joy to the World. He recorded a serene classical guitar style version and an upbeat rockin’ version. Gary is handing out the Christmas CD in advance of his debut album “Rise of the Multiforms”. And even better news, he now has a website (still in the construction phase) at www.garylandess.com.

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It was an udder catastrophe!

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