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The summer season has hit at last. We've been extremely busy over here finishing mixes for Tub Ring, who plans to release their new album in August. We've also been doing our best keeping up with other bands, so read on for more.

Get out your Def Leppard concert tees, skinny ties, french cuffs and your new wave hairstyles because Retro 80's Fridays have begun at The Cow! Now, every Friday at Apocalypse Cow will be Retro 80's Day, so if you're recording here or just stopping by, make sure to be dressed to the eights. And rest assured, any mixes you hear that day will have that proper 80's treatment as well; stadium drums, bubble gum keyboards, rippin' guitar solos . . . you name it, we've got it on Retro 80's Fridays!


Singer/songwriter Joe Turba began recording his solo project here at The Cow. Joe's music mixes acoustic guitar and rockin' drums/percussion to add to his fun, light vocals. Joe brought in his music teacher friend to lay down drums and percussion, playing everything from the kit to djembe and thumb piano. Joe tops that off with his catchy guitar playing and his vocal lines that are reminiscent of John Mayer. Keep reading here to find out how his project progresses.

Tub Ring is in the final stages of mixing for their new album "Zoo Hypothesis" due in stores August 17th. This Invisible Records band has spent more than a year recording songs for the album in between their tour dates. We're currently working on the final mixes for the 20 songs recorded, of which only "la creme de la creme" will make the album. Keep updated at their website www.tubring.com for more info.

Cow regular Gary Landess took the leap and started adding vocals to his slammin' songs. The Rob Zombie/Aerosmith-esque tunes lend themselves well to Gary's raw, unihibited vocal style. Keep your eyes open for Gary's CD release coming out on By Mennen Records.

Hell of Blades came in to record some rhythm guitar and a bit of raucous vocals for their black metal project. Keep abreast of the band's happenings at www.hellofblades.com.

Mixing for the Arkansas band Corpslight has still been continuing here at The Cow, slowly but surely. Keep informed of the release at www.corpslightband.com.

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