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Hi everyone! We've been up to a lot lately here at The Cow, working with more and more bands and getting more and more gear like always.

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We've added a Rhodes Mark II Piano 73 to our collection of keyboards. It's got that classic 70's electric piano sound just like you'd expect, and is in great condition.

Another new toy over here is the Yamaha Sub Kik. This microphone sets up right in front of the kik and looks like a speaker inside of an 11-inch drum. Not only does it look cool, it sounds cool too. It picks up the sub sounds of the kik, so you can really feel the kik in the mix.


Coming from Bloomington, IL, Emerging From Van Doors has begun recording songs for their debut album. EFVD mixes hardcore and indie music resulting in poppy/thrashy songs. Members include Jim Lindsey (guitar/vox), Jason White (bass) and Alex Anderson (drums). You can check them out at www.emergingfromvandoors.net.

The ChiBillies stopped in to record a live promo set. They play a mix between country, blues and rock. The members are Sam Hubbell from Hix Brothers Music (guitar), Dana French (who's played with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Robert Plant) (guitar/vocals), Tim Politte from the band Younger Than Yesterday (a rendition of The Byrds) (drums), and Larry (bass).

Calebs is working on mixes for their debut EP. Calebs' emo styling is a mix between spacious instrumental soundscapes and heartfelt vocals. Check out their brand new website at www.calebsband.com.

Solo artist (and Cow regular) Greg Boerner has got his nose to the grindstone working on his 3rd album, and is experimenting with sounds to make his songs truly unique for his guitarist/singer/songwriter genre. Check out more about Greg at www.gregboerner.com.

And of course, Cow semi-regular Gary Landess is finishing up mixes for a few of his songs and getting that much closer to getting his album finished. Gary plays good 'ole rock songs ranging from tough-sounding rock songs to tear-inducing ballads.

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Q: What do you call a dried-up cow?
A: A Milk Dud!

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