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Hello all and welcome to the August edition of the newsletter. We've bought a lot of new microphones and have been busy mixing bands and mastering projects. The Tub Ring album "Zoo Hypothesis" is released this month, with their release party on August 14th at the Bottom Lounge and in stores August 17th. Be sure to check it out and hear what we've been working so hard on.


We just bought a brand new Bluebird microphone by Blue. This large-diaphragm condensor mic is great for vocals specifically but works well on a lot of different instruments, getting a clear, crisp tone that Blue is so well-known for.

Along with the Bluebird we bought a Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro. This mic pre has a tube sound with a built in compressor, expander, harmonizer and de-esser. Everything you need in one convenient little box with a whole bunch of knobs and flashing lights!

We've also bought two new sets of Proac speakers, some SE microphones and another mic pre. Be sure to read next month's newsletter to find out more about them.


Violinist/Turntablist Matt Phelan had us master some of his tracks that he's recorded himself. Matt's music combines his violin skills with his turntable playing and sampling to create songs with loads of textures that sweep in and out. The melodies have a Bach-esque sound that intertwine with the samples and keys going on. You can mostly find Matt playing violin or turntables for the band Tub Ring on their last two albums.

We finished another mastering project as well: an album by the band PB for J (Paul and Bernadette for Jesus). The songs, recorded by the singer/guitarist/harmonicist Paul Ellingsen, featured himself as well as a flautist, bassist and drummer. You can find out more at www.pbforj.com.

Michele Blando came in to record an album of songs from her days as a lounge singer. Michele sang to tracks recorded by her partner several years ago and so the songs had that great lounge feel built in and exemplified Michele's strong, resonant voice.

Industrial artist Johnny "None More" Black is in the studio creating drum tracks for his EP. The solo artist is having us create complicated drum tracks with samples, and then he plans to perform guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals himself. Keep your ears open for his finished project.

Rob Kleiner's solo project, titled "No Eyes", is in the final stages. His arabic/surf/klezmer songs are all mixed to the max, making the songs sound like authentic spy themes. Be sure to keep your ears open for more news about the songs.

For more information on any of these artists, contact us at news@callthecow.com


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