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A new month is upon us as well as lots of new gear. We’ve bought a Mesa Boogie Amp and cab as well as getting another mixing room up and running and more. And I’d like to add a helpful reminder that with summer coming soon, it’s a good idea to book as far ahead as possible to get your preferred dates. Read on to find out all about our new goodies.


Our biggest, baddest, newest addition to The Cow family is a big purple Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb amp complete with a matching purple Recto Standard 4x12 cabinet. This monster sounds great with lush full tones, fat bottoms and sparkling highs typical of the famed Mesa sound. It comes complete with two channels to switch between that clean or dirty sound and switch on that reverb. Be sure to check it out for your next recording project.

Our second mixing room Studio Cluck is all setup for mixing now. This room houses our old control room computer (3 GHz processor and 1.5G of RAM) and the Yamaha NS-10 speakers. Now all three of us will be able to work at the same time to get your project done sooner!

We’ve also added a Factory Metal Cymbal to our collection of drum paraphernalia. This 26” cymbal made by Percussive Innovations is simply fabricated out of flat sheet metal and makes a gorgeous mellow tone when hit. Make sure to use it when you want that unique cymbal sound.

Our final addition this month is an Alesis Air Synth. Using a similar idea to that of a theremin, you simply have to hold your hand above the air synth to create a noise. Manipulate sounds by changing your hand position by height, angle, direction or shape. There’s a bunch of preset sounds to play with that will keep you busy all day long creating a techno/sound FX masterpiece.

Making the trip all the way up from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Corpslight spent a week laying down tracks for their new CD. Corpslight is a blend between rock and metal, heavy and serene, hardcore and sadcore. They incorporate massive sounding rhythms, and layer that with keyboards and catchy vocals. Corpslight brought in Tub Ring keyboardist Rob Kleiner for production help and to lay down some of his own noise genius. This southern crew consists of Trevor Erb (bass), Joey Peven (keyboards), Chao Guan Lee (vocals/guitar), Adam Mullin (guitar) and Chris "Foaming Mad-Dog Killer" Wiken (drums). Check out their music at www.corpslightband.com.

Rob Kleiner took a 3 day break from being the keyboardist for his band Tub Ring and tracked 9 songs for his solo project. Rob’s songs bounce around being surfy grooves, spy themes, sitcom jingles, klezmer settings and pop rock motifs. He played most everything himself, including guitar, bass, keyboards and samples, but also brought in James Cole on drums, Todd from The Pimps on hand percussion, and Matt Phelan on violin. Keep your ears open for more about Rob Kleiner.

Black metal band Hell of Blades have started work on their debut full-length. Hell of Blades packs their epic songs with hardcore riffs and lots of tempo and meter changes, keeping the listener on his toes and rockin’ out. This 5-piece Norwegian-style metal band consists of Jon Oloier (bass), Scott Oloier (drums), DJ Michiels (lead guitar), Jeremy Sutton (vocals), and Chris McGovern (rhythm guitar). See what it's all about www.hellofblades.com.

Gary Landess returned to the studio once again to continue working on his album. Gary is a man of many trades and recently laid down banjo and lap slide guitar on his down-home song "Back Porch Boogie," on which he also played acoustic guitar, drums and percussion.

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